Moreno Ugo Re-visitations (from studies on the Apocalypse by Albrecht Durer).
At the age of 26 A. Durer created a series of works that made him famous; the wood engravings on the Apocalypse. Until then, wood carving was relegated to reproduction simple images and was considered a primitive technique. Durer creates images full of life, with new scenes and gruesome, unforgettable shapes. The originals were published in 1498.
Ugo Moreno revisits this theme: “..for the urgency and need I felt, dictated by the exceptional times we are experiencing; times of great mutations both on a personal level for each of us, and geo-political, I felt very close to this series of woodcuts by Durer...” I don't know if it's a coincidence, but shortly before the release of these works, in 1492 the American continent was discovered which marked the end of a humanist Era where man was at the center of the Universe, and the beginning of a new conception of the world and therefore of being….”