..The reasons underlying the birth of photographic works,
Trees and Gnomes

I really like walking through the countryside, because it balances me, tunes me, calms my mind and makes me perceive beauty and “..Finitude..”; this term so loved by the French essayist and poet Yves Bonnefoy (to whom he attributes the sensitivity of living in the present moment).
It is an exercise that focuses attention. Observe the plants, the flight of the birds and especially the trees and the play of lights between the branches, the smell of the moss.
It is the contemplation of it that gives rise to Intuition and “seeing beyond the tree.”
Sculpted in its trunk, in its roots shapes appear that recall anatomical parts of men and women, birds and figures that recall Myths and Stories that we often relegate to the time of childhood.
Moreno Hugo
September / October – 2023

…… I was working in the studio. We were close to sunset in the summer, and this is the moment when the light in its last gasp becomes more and more intense. I don’t know from what hole the light made its way and manifested itself in a corner of the study. In a flash I took my cell phone and took these few photos that I baptized, Angels and Lights. A fleeting image of light that has materialized into form.

Moreno Hugo